Products / 10W to 250W
FiberFly 20W
Plastica Targhette Rubinetto
Technical specifications - 10W to 250W
Wavelenght @ 10.600 nm
Nominal power (W) 10 - 250W
Laser tube estimated life 20.000 h
Marking area from 70x70mm to 800x800mm
Cooling Air/water cooled
Mains 230V F+N / 380V 3F+N
Operating system Windows®XP
Application software FlyCAD

FlyCO2 is the solution for laser marking of organic materials and plastics, such as paper, labels, wood, hard stones, plexi-glass, textiles, marble or granite, and anodized aluminum. Extremely compact and modular, it is designed for easy integration into any industrial production line. It offers the perfect combination of reduced operating costs and high throughput. FlyCO2's design concept allows integration into a production line by easily interfacing to an existing PLC system. Communication is by RS232 or TCP/IP that utilizes the Client/Server concept or by digital signals (Start-Stop/Fault/Marking in progress).

For complete, real time, control of FlyCO2 and of the commands received by the operator, 15 important parameters of the laser marking are measured 3 times every second and saved in a log database. All the external events of the laser requested by the operator or by the production line and relating to the motors (if installed) are recorded and saved.

FlyCO2 is available – as a standard C02 laser– from 10 to 250. The laser is sealed and air cooled up to 100 watts. For Higher power it is water-cooled (with chiller or with a water to water heat exchanger).

The laser is available as on OEM laser component to be integrated into an existing production line, as a portable desktop unit, a full multi-axis workstation, or can be customized and fully automated.


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