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12 - 15 April 2008

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We have been manufacturing lasers and laser marking systems since 1990. Lasit is partner of the El.En Group, one of the world's global leaders in laser technology offering a wide range of laser systems for industrial marking, cutting and welding as well as medical applications.

Laser per integrazione su linee
Testa fibra
From 5 to 120W, fiber, end pumped, side pumped, lamp and CO2.Working area from diam.70 to 500x500mm, is the largest range….
It is possible to mark on every kind of material from the simple text to the most complex graphics, data matrix, barcode, raster images, serial numbers…
Macchine complete
Macchine complete
From the simplest table-top solution to the most complete  workstation – with 8 servocontrolled axis -  to the fully personalized solution developed according customers’ specifications….
Applicazioni industriali
Applicazioni industriali
Building a laser…
clean room

Not a single particle of dust

To guarantee optimum laser performance, reliability and extended life…

EMO 2007 - Hannover
LASER 2007

Hannover — EMO 2007

Great success of visitors at LASIT booth at EMO 2007 !

ILS talks about us…

ILS, the most well known authority in complex industrial laser marking applications, recognizes Lasit's technology developed back in 1995, employed again in 2001 and 2002, and is still in use today as described in a recent article.

Lasit USA Robin Barbero — Phone: 508 528-2542 — 508 989 5090 — robin.barbero@lasitusa.com
Lasit International +39 081 8015940 ext. 14

member of EL.EN. Group
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